Ice fishing Results 2022

After a 1-year hiatus, it was time for Örvikenpimpel. When we got to Timmerviken, we were met with a bit of a setback, the "tent" we traveled the day before was broken after the hill. At first we suspected sabotage, but it is likely that the wind tipped the whole thing over.

Now we were lucky with the weather, a little wind and sunshine. Quite a lot of people, 32 adults and 20 children solved start cards. The fishing was rather slow, but 5 children caught fish and 10 of the adults managed to catch one or more fish. We also sold 3 raffle tickets.

Price list:


1st prize Angelika Sundqvist 1830 gr

2nd prize Daniel Sundqvist 1220 gr

3rd prize Mattias Lind 470 gr

4th prize Johanner Singh 420 gr

5th prize Simon Bergner 230 gr


1st prize Ebba Holmberg

2nd Sture Lindberg

3rd Arvid Anderson

4th Svea Karlsson

5th Vilmer Holmsten.

In total, 4805 g of fish were caught, much less perch but some really nice whitefish. The biggest fish was a whitefish of 440 gr, pulled up by Angelika Sundqvist and rewarded with a char of approx. 700 gr.

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