About Örviken

A bit of history

Örviken has a unique history where two large industries were both built up and closed down.

In 1893, two businessmen bought land with the aim of constructing a sawmill in Örviken. They formed the company Öhrvikens AB with a share capital of SEK 3.6 million. Production started in 1894 with little capacity, but the sawmill was expanded during the 1890s. Ultimately, it was only active for about 10 years, since operations were shut down in 1905. The remains of the saw were demolished during the following years. All shares in the company were bought up by a wood products company in 1906. The company then built a sulphite factory in Örviken on the former sawmill's coaling site, and this factory required electrical energy. During July 1906, Öhrvikens AB and Skellefteå city council therefore signed a contract, the city would supply electricity to the sulphite factory. As a result of this, of Örviken's sulphite factory, Skellefteå also got access to electricity for the first time.


Örviken offers a nice nature with the water and the forest. The village is next to the sea and there are many fun ways to enjoy it, just like our forest. By the sea, where the sun often shines, you can for example, go boating in a really nice water area, cool down at the beach, or have a coffee and look at the view by the boathouse. During the winter you can, among other things go ice skating on the sea, which has frozen into ice. In the forest, you can go on relaxing walks where the whole area is filled with fresh scents and the sun shines through the tall trees. You can also head there during the winter, if you wish to enjoy activities such as the sledding hill and the ski track among the snow-white trees. As if that's not enough, you can experience beautiful nature almost everywhere around the village, since it is always close. Even when you walk along car roads such as the Ferry Road (Färjvägen), it will be an experience. If you visit Örviken, then you will be surprised that this Pearl of the Coast has been hiding in the middle of Skellefteå municipality this whole time.

Lively and active village

Örviken is a calm but very lively place. There is a lot going on here all year that is perfect for the whole family. This is thanks to our active village association and many committed villagers. For example, there is an ice fishing competition that welcomes all ages every winter, a bonfire during Walpurgis night, and a family day during the summer. In addition, many more fun activities happens during the year, which you will be able to read about in news when it is getting closer. It is clearly visible all around Örviken that we have villagers and a village association that takes matters into their hands and gets involved, as the village develops and receives new additions. In 2020, we got both a boules court and outdoor gym and in 2021, amongst others an exhibition about local history.

Safe environment

The village has a nice preschool called Skeppet where the village's children can attend. It is located at Farleden 22. Here in Örviken, a safe presence is created for the children since they are close to the forest, sea, friends and the preschool. The young also have different activities in the village to look forward to during the year, such as the excitement on the ghost trail during Halloween or the quiz walk and the waffles during family day.

In Örviken there is also a genuine community where most people recognize each other and you usually say hello regardless. The villagers are nice and happy to get to know you and others. It's no problem if you who live here need to borrow a liter of milk or some sugar, the neighbors are happy to help!

Prices getting awardedto the children on family day


Our village is located approximately 1.6 kilometers from the center of Skellefteå and has around 160 households. Around Örviken there are about 12 different lots for sale, so the opportunity exists to take part of the life and security the village has to offer immediately. Otherwise, there is also an entire block on the way, that was planned in detail during the 80s, that has finally been ordered. The block will be located beyond Mastgatan along Farleden and will be called Ankarvägen.