The village association

Örviken has an active village association that arranges and fixes a lot. It has overall responsibility for things in the village and is here for you as a village resident. The association's sections keep several different facilities running, to see these and also the board members then visit contact persons.

There are protocols from board- and annual meetings in the association to read, as well information sheet.

Active association

Örviken's village association takes good care of the village and gets a lot done. Recently, the association has, among other things, fixed a new fireplace to grill at by Vithatta, given the hockey field two new carports and a new storage room to store materials in. And it has arranged the building of both the boules court and a outdoor gym . It is also thanks to the village association that this website exists. Every year it ensures that the ski tracks and toboggan run are well-groomed during the winter and that the beaches and more are during the summer. Throughout the year, there are also various activities that are arranged. Some of these activities that happen almost every year include Family Day, where you go on a quiz walk and then meet other villagers and eat waffles at The Community House. A hockey tournament and Walpurgis fair evening with the May bonfire. Also an ice fishing competition out on the ice and much more! When these and similar activities begin to approach, everyone can read about them at news.

Other information about the association

Down by the water next to the boathouse the village association has Örviksbryggan which is a boat pier with 8 berths for rent. At the moment, all spots are rented.

Örviken has a gym down in the basement of The Community House exclusively and free of charge for members of the village association. Expansion is planned here. If you visit the gym, be sure to follow its rules.